Themed Videos

Please enjoy these videos and learn more about Oregon wine, and feel free to use them promote some of its important themes.

Advice to Newcomers (17 videos)
All About Pinot Noir (10 videos)
Biodynamic Winemaking (3 videos)
Comradery in the Industry (9 videos)
Events and Marketing (7 videos)
Evolution of Customer Taste (15 videos)
Family Dynamics (6 videos)
Future of the Oregon Wine Industry (5 videos)
History and Culture of Wine (5 videos)
Linfield College and Wine (3 videos)
Oregon Wine’s Pioneer Spirit (3 videos)
Overcoming Challenges (14 videos)
Passion for Wine (6 videos)
Terroir and Soil (9 videos)
The Business of Wine (6 videos)
The Early Oregon Wine Industry (7 videos)
The French Influence on Oregon Wine (5 videos)
Thoughts on Climate Change (6 videos)
The Uniqueness of Wine (3 videos)
Vineyards (7 videos)
What’s Special About Your AVA? (9 videos)
Why Wine? (17 videos)
Wine and Food (7 videos)
Winemaking Philosophy (17 videos)
Women In Wine (12 videos)
Writing About Wine (1 video)

The Oregon Wine History Archive partnered with the Oregon Wine Board to create more than 200 compilation videos showcasing common themes in the Oregon wine industry. These use segments from our longer oral history interviews to highlight common topics in the industry.