This interview is with Juan Pablo Valot and Doris Cancel-Tirado of Valcan Cellars. In this interview, the couple speak about how they met and what began their interest in the wine industry. They talk about why they decided to move to Oregon and they compare the Argentina and Oregon Wine industries. They go on to describe the Oregon environment and community and what their first experiences were like.

Later they discuss Valcan Cellars and what it was like releasing their own label in 2017. They go over the process of creating a family label and how they decided on the name, branding, and goals. They go over the different roles they fill for their business and talk about what they first envisioned for Valcan.

They each tell different stories of their time in the industry so far and what wine means to them. Throughout, they emphasize the importance of family, friends, and relationships. At the end, they go over the projects they are working on for Valcan and what they hope for in the future.

This interview was conducted by Rich Schmidt at Linfield University in McMinnville on May 5, 2021.