This interview is with James Frey of Trisaetum Wines. In this interview, James speaks about how he got into the wine industry and how that goes hand in hand with painting and photography, all of which James excels in. He talks about how he ended up in Oregon, how he found his land, and how he decided what varietals he wanted. James then goes through the process he took in learning wine and winemaking, why Ribbon Ridge is so unique, and what his winemaking philosophy has evolved to over the years. He describes what he hopes people take away from his wines, and what it was like starting 18401 Cellars and the idea behind that label. Towards the end of the interview, James goes on to reflect how the Oregon Wine Industry has changed from when he first entered it, the future for himself, and the future for Trisaetum Wines.

This interview was conducted by Rich Schmidt at Trisaetum Wines on February 24, 2020.

Interview photos

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