This interview is with Alex Clark. Alex grew up in a “chemistry family” where he went on to begin his professional life in a lab building molecules. While he was working in this lab, he started writing stand up sets— this led him to move to New York to pursue his career as a comedian. While in New York he was first exposed to wine while working in restaurants. Alex describes the roundabout way he found himself on Wall Street, and what it was like working there for several years. After leaving Wall Street Alex saw an opportunity to open a café and wine bar in the East Village of New York. His time with the café solidified his passion for wine, where he learned more about Central European wines. It was at his café that he met Todd, the owner of Silas wines.

Later, Alex describes following a girl out to Oregon, and joining the team at Silas. He shares what it was like being a part of opening a new tasting room in Amity, and what it took to learn how to make wine.

To conclude the interview, Alex describes what he looks for in a vineyard site, and tells of his excitement about more international recognition for Oregon in the future.

This interview was conducted by Rich Schmidt at The Bramble on November 12, 2020.