This interview is with Sanjeev Lahoti and Angela Summers of Saffron Fields. In this interview, Sanjeev and Angela describe how they went from chemical engineers in Texas, to deciding to buy their forever home in Oregon, thus leading them to plant a vineyard and start their own wine label. They speak about the various decisions that went into planting their vineyard and designing their tasting room. Later, Sanjeev and Angela go on to speak about the naming of Saffron Fields, and then speak on the complexities and terroir of their vineyard and wine. Next, they explain the challenges of selling wine, and what went into the decision to go commercial with their winery. Towards the end of the Interview they touch on their plans for the future, and what their new reality dealing with COVID-19 looks like. To conclude, Sanjeev and Angela speak to maintaining a successful marriage in the wine industry.

This interview was conducted by Rich Schmidt at Saffron Fields on August 13, 2020.