This interview is with Tai-Ran Niew of Niew Vineyards. In the interview, Tai-Ran takes us through his journey so far, which includes his time before wine. Prior to entering the Wine Industry, Tai-Ran studied aeronautical engineering at Cambridge and worked as an investment banker. During trips abroad he discovered more about wine and his interest continued to grow. Tai-Ran specifically describes his time and work in Tasmania and why that experience inspired him to start making wine in Oregon.

From there, Tai-Ran discusses Niew Vineyard and what that project has been like. He goes over selecting and designing his label and what the process was of building his brand. He also talks about finding the land, choosing to make Chardonnay, and defining his vineyard and winemaking philosophy. He discusses Masanobu Fukuoka, who inspired his vineyard philosophy and what impact that has had on the land and vines. At the end, he shares his thoughts on the wine industry and what future he’d like to see for himself and Niew Vineyards.

This interview was conducted by Rich Schmidt at Niew Vineyards in Newberg on July 23, 2021.