McDaniel Vineyard Collection

Interview (Donna Jean)

The interview starts with Donna Jean McDaniel and is joined part of the way by Jim McDaniel, her husband.

The interview takes place in the McDaniel family home. The first half focuses on the how Donna Jean met Jim and the family life during the start of the business. The second half focuses on how they have been so successful with their marriage and advice for anyone looking to get into wine.

Interview (Jim)

This interview is with Jim McDaniel, who helped David Lett start his wine business in McMinnville. In this interview he talks about how he started helping Lett, his own involvement in the wine industry and where he believes the Oregon wine industry is going.

This interview was conducted on September 17, 2015 at the McDaniel family home.

Note: From 02:4504:15 there were some problems with our audio, so we added the captions in a couple of places.

Interview Photos

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