This interview is with Calli Daly and Deven Morganstern of Joyful Noise. They began the interview with speaking about their upbringings and education, their lives before wine, and how they met.

Later, they spoke about starting out making garage wine, and how their business has progressed over the past few years. Next, they shared about their winemaking and business philosophies. Calli and Deven spoke about working with single vineyards in their wine and the benefits of doing so. They spoke about their relationship with R. Stuart and the collaborative nature of the wine industry.

Towards the end of the interview they spoke about the bright future they see for Oregon wine. Calli and Deven reflected on the changes in the industry and then looked to the future. To conclude, they gave their advice to be open and willing to try all aspects of the wine industry when starting out.

This interview was conducted by Rich Schmidt on June 22, 2021 in McMinnville.