Holstein Vineyards Collection

Interview (2017)

This interview is with Allen Holstein, the original owner of Holstein Vineyards and Vineyard Manager of many acclaimed vineyards in the Willamette Valley. He talks about the early years in the wine industry and working with some of the most prominent characters at the time. He also talks about challenges that the industry will have to face in the future.

Interview (2007)

Allen Holstein has been the vineyard manager at Argyle Vineyards since 1987, manager at Knudsen Vineyards since 1985, and owner and president of Holstein Vineyards since 1984. He also maintains a co-chair position at North Willamette Valley Technical Group. Throughout his career he has also consulted and managed vineyards at Domaine Drouhin, Stoller Vineyards and Knudsen Erath Winery.

In this interivew, Holstein compares the quality and price of Burgundy and Oregon Pinot Noir. He talks about learning from your mistakes and many of his experiences in the industry and more.

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