This Interview is with Daniel Estrin, winemaker at Cristom Vineyards. In this interview, Daniel describes his gradual exposure to the wine industry, and what the appeal to joining it was. Daniel walks us through his many harvests worked all over the world, his education, and eventual interest in soil and biodynamics. He speaks about the multi-faceted aspect of the wine industry and speaks about getting the opportunity to work a harvest at Littorai wines, and how his career progressed there. Later, Daniel describes jumping in as the assistant winemaker at Burn Cottage in New Zealand, then returning to Littorai to a promotion as Assistant Winemaker. He describes his hand in farming the vineyard, buying sheep for the vineyard, adding cows, and goes in depth about his role in biodynamic farming. Next, Daniel shares what brought him back to Oregon, and to Cristom Vineyards. He describes what is next for Cristom and bringing more biodynamics to the vineyard. Towards the end of the interview, Daniel describes his first impressions of the Oregon wine industry and looks ahead to his future, as well as tells of his new family and the world he wants his daughter to live in. To conclude, he gives his philosophy for wine’s role in society.

This interview was conducted by Rich Schmidt at Cristom Vineyards on November 5, 2020.


This interview is with Steve Doerner, the lead winemaker for Cristom Vineyards, located in Salem, Oregon. Doerner recounts his journey to Oregon and what initially got him fascinated with growing grapes and making wine. Doerner also celebrates the Oregon wine industry’s overall sense of community as he credits the early success of the industry to the pioneers of Oregon wine. He cites the pioneers’ companionship and open-mindedness as characteristics that continue to define the rapidly growing industry today. The interview concludes with Doerner elaborating on the hardships he had to overcome as a winemaker and the importance of patience with regard to the winemaking process.

This interview was conducted by Rachel Cristine Woody and Camille Weber on February 5, 2015.

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