This interview is with Sofia Torres-McKay and Ryan McKay of Cramoisi Vineyard. In this interview, the couple speak about each of their lives before wine, how they met, and what got them interested in Oregon Wine. They talk about beginning Cramoisi Vineyard and go through their learning process of how to grow, make, and sell wine. They also discuss biodynamic farming, naming their brand, and creating their tasting room and wine club.

Sofia discusses her role as Co-Founder and Vice President of AHIVOY, a non-profit aiming to empower and educate Vineyard Stewards and create opportunities for Latinx and Hispanic vineyard workers. She goes over the program’s origins, its milestones, and what she sees in its future.

Later, the couple describe the year 2020 and what the pandemic and harvest fires meant for their lives and their business. At the end, they talk about the growth of the industry and what they see for the future of themselves, Cramoisi, and Oregon Wine.

This interview was conducted by Rich Schmidt at Cramoisi Tasting Room in Dundee on June 4, 2021.