This interview is with Channing Frye, Jacob Gray, and Chase Renton, partners in Chosen Family wines.

Chase described initially learning how to make wine in Italy, and following his studies with working harvests in California, Burgundy, and Oregon. He shares the process of choosing land in the Willamette valley and his support from his family to build the L’Angolo Estate tasting room and winery. Chase tells the story of choosing the name L’Angolo and what the name means for his brand.

Channing shared about his years in the NBA, and how wine has become an influential piece of many of the players lives. He describes coming to Oregon and falling in love with every part of the Willamette valley, and what initially drew him to the wine industry. Channing shares what made him decide to start Chosen Family Wines, and his part in the business.

Jacob tells of his time in the entertainment industry and what eventually brought him to Oregon. He describes initially discovering his passion and talent for hospitality, which naturally brought him to wine. Jacob shares what his current role at L’Angolo Estate entails, and how he fits in with Chosen Family.

The trio discuss the idea behind Chosen Family Wines, and their intent to create a product that will bring people together and facilitates good conversation. They discuss their goals for the future, and upcoming projects toward the end of the interview. Chase, Channing, and Jacob describe what working with each other means to each of them, how their different skill sets complement each other, and what a blast they have working together.

This interview was conducted by Rich Schmidt at L’Angolo Estate on January 26, 2021.