This interview is with Fred and Mary Benoit, the founders of Chateau Benoit which is now Anne Amie Vineyards. They discuss the struggles of planting their first vineyard near Salem and the community of people in the industry at the time. Fred and Mary finish the interview talking about the growth of their winery and why they eventually decided to sell.

This interview was conducted by Stephanie Hofmann at Fred and Mary’s home in Vancouver, WA on September 7, 2017.

Marketing Video

This is a marketing video of Chateau Benoit created around the time that Fred and Mary Benoit sold the winery in 1999. The video shows the state of the winery with footage of the winemaking process, the vineyard and talks about the future of the winery in terms of sales, hospitality and future wines.

This video was donated to the Oregon Wine History Archive by Fred and Mary Benoit.

Interview Photos

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