Brooks Winery Collection

Interview (2012)

This interview is with Chris Williams, who is the winemaker at Brooks Winery in Amity, Oregon. Williams discusses his history in the industry, his passion for wine, and the winemaker that came before him at Brooks, Jimi Brooks.

Interview (2013)

After twelve years of accounting, Janie Brooks’ life took a turn when her brother, Jimi Brooks, unexpectedly passed away. Janie teamed up with her brother’s many peers and friends in the industry to keep the winery going and Janie has since become the manager.

In this interview, Janie Brooks talks about her life before the winery and how things have changed since. Brooks talks a lot about her brother Jimi, what he was like, and the importance of preserving his legacy.

Interview (2017)

This interview is with Pascal Brooks, Owner of Brooks Winery. This interview starts with Pascal discussing what it was like growing up around the Oregon wine industry and the impact his Dad, Jimi Brooks, had on his life. He also talks about is interest in wine particularly Riesling, being a part of the documentary American Wine Story and the future of Brooks Winery.

Interview (2018)

This interview is with Chris Willams, the winemaker at Brooks Winery. Chris talks about his roundabout introduction to the wine industry by his friend and founder of Brooks Winery, Jimi Brooks. He then discusses his love of Muscat and the future of the Oregon wine industry.

Interview (2018)

This interview is with Janie Brooks Heuck, the managing director at Brooks Winery. First, she talks about her brother, Jimi, and how she first got introduced to the industry. Janie discusses the challenges of marketing wine now and the future of the industry.

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