This interview is with Steve Saxton of Bravuro Cellars. In this interview, Steve speaks about what inspired him to enter the wine industry. He compares California’s wines and wine tasting experiences to that of Oregon’s. He then goes on to talk about why he chose to set up shop in Oregon and what his initial goals were for Bravuro Cellars. He describes the process of starting the business, which included buying land, selecting a name, and choosing the brand’s missions. He goes over the experience he wants customers to have when tasting their wines, as well as, the steps he takes to bring about the desired experience. Steve also discusses how he learned to make wine and source ingredients, as well as how his winemaking style has grown. Later, he speaks about the pandemic and what he wants the future of Bravuro Cellars to look like.

This interview was conducted by Rich Schmidt at Bravuro Cellars in Amity on July 7, 2021.