This interview is with Jess and Paden West of Approachment Wine Co. In this interview, the couple speak about their various experiences in the wine industry and their current projects. The couple met when they were lab partners in a chemistry course while studying wine in the NW Wine Studies program, from there they both have had successful careers. Jess talks about her time learning sales and working in tasting rooms. She describes her internship at Bethel Heights Vineyard and her current role as winemaker for Drew Voit of Harper Voit, as well as her work making wine for other labels. Paden also discusses his wine path, starting out with his work in tasting rooms and accepting an internship at Penner-Ash. He talks about his mentors in the industry and goes over his positions at De Ponte Winery, Lavinea, and his current one at Benza Vineyards.

Later, the couple talk about the label they started together: Approachment Wine Co. They speak about where the idea arose, their goals for the brand, and how they work together. Jess and Paden also share what it was like trying to begin their business in 2020 amid COVID and the Oregon fires.

This interview was conducted by Rich Schmidt at Nicholson Library in McMinnville on June 21, 2022.