This interview is with Tyler Bradley of Bradley Vineyards. In this interview, Tyler answers the question “why wine,” as he was born into it after his father and mother started in the industry before he was born. He then speaks about rising to the occasion of taking over the family business after his dad, John Bradley, suddenly passed away. He was hesitant at first to come back home, but Tyler states “I knew leaving, that I would be back.” Tyler then goes on to talk about the history of Bradley Vineyards, growing up in Elkton and on the vineyard, and what it was like learning actual winemaking. He also describes what surprised him about being a winemaker, when he finally felt confident in claiming his role at Bradley Vineyards, and the changes he’s seen in the Oregon Wine Industry. Towards the end of the interview, Tyler discusses the AVA change that put Elkton on the map, what he hopes consumers take away from the wine, what it means to be a second generation winery and working with such a tight knit community. To conclude, Tyler touches on the future for himself and the Elkton AVA, the future for Bradley vineyards, and offers advice to someone looking to enter the industry.

This interview was conducted by Rich Schmidt at Bradley Vineyards on August 21, 2019.


This interview is an oral history conducted by Rachael Cristine Woody with John Bradley of Bradley Vineyards. The interview took place at Bradley Vineyards on June 7, 2013 and covered topics including early wine industry history in the Umpqua Valley, John Bradley’s involvement in the industry, and the designation of Elkton as Oregon’s newest AVA (in 2013).

In the interview, Bradley explains why he chose to begin a vineyard in the early 1980s and describes what it was like to plant a vineyard with little viticulture knowledge or available resources. He speaks to the romantic notion of winemaking and how it compares to the reality. The interview also covers stories of the early Umpqua and Elkton winemakers and details the journey to Elkton being recognized as the most recent AVA designation in Oregon.

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