This interview is with Ted Gerber of Foris Vineyards. In this interview, Ted talks about how he got into the wine industry, the process that appealed to him about making wine, and why he chose the land he did. He then talks about the learning curves in having a vineyard in his area, what’s special about Southern Oregon in terms of environment and soil, and what it was like putting grapes into the ground for the first time. Ted also speaks about the evolution/growth to where he is now, and what it was like to sell wine in such a secluded area. Towards the end of the interview, Ted touches on the relationships he’s made with people in the wine industry, how he ended up with the name Foris, what it’s like working with family, changes he’s seen since he first started, and the future for Oregon wine.

This interview was conducted by Rich Schmidt at Foris Vineyards on September 27, 2019.

Interview photos

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