Steamboat Conference Collection

The Steamboat Conference has been held since 1980. Conceived as a meeting between Pinot Noir producers in Oregon and California, it was held in various locations in its early days before landing permanently at the Steamboat Inn in Oregon’s Umpqua Valley from 1984-on. It has been a place for frank conversations, formal and informal tastings, bonding, and sharing learning about Pinot Noir among winemakers.

The data sheets about the wines discussed at Steamboat provide a wealth of information, and the photographs show the lighter side of the conference.

Data Sheets

Steamboat 1991

Steamboat 1993

Steamboat 1995

Steamboat 1996

Steamboat 2001

Steamboat 2002

Steamboat 2005

Steamboat 2009

Steamboat 2010

Steamboat 2011

Steamboat 2012