Woody, Rachael Cristine




1 hour 13 minutes 38 seconds


November 20, 2014

Interview Summary

This interview is in three portions. The first part is with Pat Dudley, President and Marketing Director of Bethel Heights Vineyard, who speaks about how she got into the Oregon wine industry and how a liberal arts education provided her a strong foundation. During the second portion of the interview, Dudley is joined by Marilyn Webb, Dudley’s sister-in-law and the Chief Financial Officer of Bethel Heights Vineyard. Both women talk about marrying twins Ted and Terry Casteel and raising a family on the vineyard, the different relationships their children have formed with each other, and how the children have found their own way into the wine industry. Both Dudley and Webb also discuss various aspects of the wine industry in which they’ve been involved, such as the International Pinot Noir Celebration (IPNC), Oregon Pinot Camp (OPC), and the creation of The Oregon Winegrowers Guide in 1983. The last portion of the interview resumes with Dudley alone as Linfield student Camille Weber asks specific questions on topics covered in Dudley’s “Quoi de Neuf” column in Grapevine.

This interview was conducted by Rachael Woody on November 20, 2014.


Some oral history interviews are conducted on site and may contain background noise from nature, winery, or tasting room operations.