Adelsheim, David


24 minutes 57 seconds


October 9, 2020


This interview between David Adelsheim and Marj and Ron Vuylsteke of Oak Knoll Winery is the ninth in a 10-part interview series entitled Founders’ Stories: Conversations with the 10 Founding Winemaking Families of Oregon’s North Willamette ValleyFounders’ Stories was produced by Adelsheim Vineyard to celebrate their 50th Anniversary.

On a Saturday afternoon in early 1975, Ginny and I were driving into Portland for shopping, a meal, or a family visit, when we came to a horrible realization. Having recently met Pat and Joe Campbell, we had been invited for a meal in the house they had just finished building on the site of their newly planted vineyard. We had been looking forward to comparing notes with the Campbells on building houses and planting vineyards. But we had spaced out the invitation, were too far from Elk Cove, and of course, there were no cell phones back then. Chagrinned, we called from a pay phone as soon as we could. Pat said, “No problem come tomorrow instead.” I remember, we had rabbit. We were able to chat with Pat and Joe on a sunny October 9, 2020, sitting in the vineyard they planted in the 1974.


Produced by Adelsheim Vineyard in partnership with Tucker Hamilton, Dane Sawyer, and Tristan Brillanceau-Lewis.


A 15 minute abridged version of this interview as well as the full-length podcast can found on the Adelsheim website:


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