Schmidt, Rich


1 hour 22 minutes 36 seconds


July 2, 2021


This interview is with Erin Upton, a social science researcher and writer. In this interview, Erin speaks about her time spent researching wine. She goes over her initial interests in wine, her research at Portland State University for her Ph.D program, and what she decided to focus her research on. She also describes the places she visited during her research, including Napa Valley, South Africa, and Australia. She goes on to speak about conducting interviews of her own, the steps she took to find answers, and her favorite experiences.

Later, Erin discusses what she discovered during her research, as well as what she is still curious to explore. At the end, she talks about the wine world as a whole and what current trends might mean for the future of the industry.

This interview was conducted by Rich Schmidt in McMinnville on July 2, 2021.


Some oral history interviews are conducted on site and may contain background noise from nature, winery, or tasting room operations.


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