Adelsheim, David


1 hour 21 minutes 35 seconds


October 5, 2020


This interview between David Adelsheim and Diana Lett of the Eyrie Vineyards is the first in a 10-part interview series entitled Founders’ Stories: Conversations with the 10 Founding Winemaking Families of Oregon’s North Willamette Valley. Founders’ Stories was produced by Adelsheim Vineyard to celebrate their 50th Anniversary.

We met with Diana Lett of the Eyrie Vineyards on October 5, 2020 in the yard behind her home, looking at their second oldest vineyard planting. Soon after their wedding in October 1966, Diana and David Lett started transplanting 3000 young vines from a nursery David planted near Corvallis in February 1965. Using what Diana calls her ‘wedding shovel.’ But I’m jumping ahead. Let’s get the story from Diana.


Produced by Adelsheim Vineyard in partnership with Tucker Hamilton, Dane Sawyer, and Tristan Brillanceau-Lewis.


A 15 minute abridged version of this interview as well as the full-length podcast can found on the Adelsheim website: