Schmidt, Rich


1 hour 33 minutes 53 seconds


December 8, 2020


This interview is with Brendan Stater-West in the Loire Valley in Central France. In this interview, he talks about moving to France and entering the French wine industry, the differences between the French and American practices, and the his experience in France so far. He goes on to discuss what makes a good wine, his philosophy on wine, and his vision behind his label.

Brendan describes the importance of mixing science, experience, and intuition when working with wine. His advice to newcomers: Go into it with curiosity and humility and don’t limit yourself to what you believe you can or can’t do.

This interview was conducted by Rich Schmidt with Brendan Stater-West on December 8, 2020.


Some oral history interviews are conducted on site and may contain background noise from nature, winery, or tasting room operations.