This interview is with James Cahill, winemaker at Soter Vineyards. In this interview, James talks about how he found his way into the wine industry, and later production: “one thing led to another,” and he was immediately engaged in the story, culture, and uniqueness of wine. He then goes on to discuss the various jobs he held, as well as the reasoning behind why he was so passionate about Burgundy wine. James later describes how he ended up in Oregon, and his initial impressions of the Oregon wine industry. With this, he then speaks of the challenges he has faced, as well as how the industry itself has evolved. Towards the end, James describes his connection with Linfield College and offers his thoughts about the wine education it provides. To conclude, he states what the future of the Oregon wine industry will look like and urges people to take a look at their habits and think about what can be done to better protect the environment. James ends with a statement about how prevalent community and culture is a key element for the industry to thrive.

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