This interview is with Remy Drabkin of Remy Wines. This is a follow-up from our first interview with Remy back in 2017. In this interview, Remy speaks about Wine Country Pride and the upcoming Queer Wine Festival. She describes the process of putting the festival together, their objectives, and the community’s reactions so far. She tells us about the national attention the festival has received and the contributers they have from Oregon, Washington, and California. She also goes over what it is like being mayor of McMinnville, sharing some of the projects she’s working on and the new responsibilities she has.

Later, Remy talks about her own brand: Remy Wines. She discusses how her business has changed and what they are currently working on. She also goes over what it is like balancing her role as mayor, winemaker, festival coordinator, and queer individual. At the end, Remy speaks about the goals she has for herself, the wine industry, and the city of McMinnville.

This interview was conducted by Rich Schmidt at Remy Wines in Dayton on June 15, 2022.


This interview is with Remy Drabkin, the owner of Remy Wines in McMinnville, Oregon. In this interview, she talks about growing up in the wine industry, learning to make wine from the pioneers and Italian varietals. At the end, Remy also discusses being a part of the minority in the wine industry, owning a business in a small town and the future of the winery.

This interview was conducted by Rich Schmidt on May 9, 2017.


Remy Drabkin is the founder and winemaker at Remy Wines. Her interest in wine began as a child when she was growing up knowing the pioneer winemakers in the McMinnville area. She was interviewed as part of the “Women in Wine” project with the Linfield College Center for the Northwest.

This interview was conducted by Jeff Peterson on November 8, 2012.

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