Ransom Wine Co. & Distillery Collection

Interview (2018)

This interview is with Tad Seestedt, owner of Ransom Wine Co & Distillery in McMinnville, Oregon. During this interview, Tad discusses his passion for crafting his products and why he decided to pursue both hard liquor and wine. Tad talks about the future of his winery and Oregon wine industry.

This interview was conducted by Rich Schmidt on March 30, 2018, at Ransom Wine Co & Distillery.

Interview (2012)

Tad Seestedt is the founder of Ransom Wine and Spirits, started in 1997 with Seestedt’s small lifesavings, leading to the namesake, “Ransom”, signifying the debt that followed the investment. After moving the business several times, the company settled and planted their first vines in 2010, in Sheridan, Oregon. The company’s core values for their products are based in historicity, terroir and craftsmanship.

In this interview, Seestedt talks about his life before the wine industry and what has happened since he entered the industry. He shares his opinion on production versus marketing as well as organic practices.

This interview was conducted by David Baker of Three Crows Production.

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