Joel Myers Collection

Joel Myers had the good fortune of meeting Oregon wine pioneers David Lett and Charles Coury early in his life. He began his work in the industry as a young man helping Lett with his early plantings. What began as a part-time job turned into a career, as Myers’s job evolved from farmhand to grape-grower to vineyard manager. Today, Myers and his family manage vineyards through their company Vinetenders, also growing some of their own grapes on the side as their personal business continues to develop.

This collection includes an oral history interview with Myers, as well as photographs taken during the interview.


This interview is an oral history conducted by Linfield College staff Rich Schmidt and student Camille Weber with Joel Myers of Vinetenders, a vineyard management company. The interview took place at the Jereld R. Nicholson Library at Linfield College on February 19, 2015 and covered topics including Myers’s thirty years in the industry, how he transitioned from vineyard manager to winemaker, and his history with other Oregon wine pioneers.


This collection includes photographs taken during an oral history interview with Joel Myers at Linfield College’s Jereld R. Nicholson Library on February 19, 2015. Myers has worked in the Oregon wine industry since 1980, and his family runs Vinetenders, a vineyard management company.

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