This interview is with Pamela Frye and Richard Boyles of Iris Vineyards. In this interview, the couple discuss how they got into wine; Richard states it’s what “all good times are built around.” He then goes on to speak about why he decided to plant a vineyard due to his farming background, and his work history in international business. Pamela shares her history leading into wine as well. They then speak about how they found the property of Iris Vineyards and their grape growing philosophy of approaching the vineyard first as farmers. Richard then goes on to talk about how his passion for food and wine in the hospitality industry has influenced his role at Iris, and what makes the Eugene area unique. Towards the end of the interview, the couple discuss their proudest achievements, the future for Iris, what the secret is for a successful marriage and the future of the Oregon Wine Industry.

This interview was conducted by Rachael Woody at Iris Vineyards on June 13, 2019.


NOTE: Due to audio difficulties, the first 20 minutes of this interview were unfortunately lost. However, we tried to fill in some of the missing information in this abstract.

This interview is with Aaron Lieberman of Iris Vineyard. In this interview, Aaron talks about how he got into wine after originally majoring in animal science. He originally grew up in Berkeley, California, then eventually went to the peace corps in Guatemala for some time. He states that his time abroad broadened his perspectives and changed his world views. Aaron then speaks about his time at Amity Vineyards, Durant Vineyards, and his education at OSU after finding an excitement for wine and soil science. Aaron states that he almost always knew he’d do winemaking at some point in his life, and goes on to speak about his winemaking philosophy of making stable wines that are appealing to consumers: quality wine begins in the vineyard, and Aaron’s vineyard management informs his winemaking experience. Aaron speaks about overcoming the stigma residing around the Eugene area, his biggest challenge and favorite part of being a winemaker, and what the concept of aréte means to Iris. Aaron states that it’s his personal philosophy to always try to do and be better, and that is reflected in all of his work. Towards the end of the interview, Aaron reflects on the various changes he’s seen in the Oregon Wine Industry, where he sees it going in the future, and touches on the future for his own path, and at Iris.

This interview was conducted by Rich Schmidt at Iris Vineyards on June 13, 2019.

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