This interview is with Scott and Lisa Neal, owners of Coeur de Terre Vineyard. In this interview, the couple discuss how they found themselves in the wine industry in Oregon and how they acquired the land with the help of such a giving community. They then talk about what it means to be “second generation” and how grateful they are to be a part of this community. Lisa describes the difficulties in starting their vineyard, as well as the big help they received from multiple sources. Scott shares what it is about Pinot that is so captivating. Lisa also offers her reasoning as to why they chose to farm sustainably: “We always used our hearts to follow he direction that we needed to go.” They also tell the story of how they got the fitting name Coeur de Terre, translating to “rock of the earth.” Towards the latter part of the interview, the couple talk about how they make their partnership work with the business, the future of Coeur de Terre, and the Oregon Wine Industry.

This interview was conducted by Rich Schmidt at Coeur de Terre vineyard on January 15th, 2019.

Interview Photos

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