This interview is with Katie Santora, winemaker at Chehalem Winery. In this interview, Katie discusses how she got into the wine industry after her dad’s friend suggested she study winemaking. She talks about the program she entered at UC Davis, the education she received, and how she ended up in Oregon working at various other wineries before ending up at Chehalem. Katie speaks about her travels as well as the tremendous support she received from the industry that has kept her passionate about winemaking. Towards the end of the interview, Katie showcases her gratitude for the position she has as a woman in the wine industry, her wine making philosophy, advice for people looking to enter the wine industry, the future of Chehalem, as well as her own personal goals.

This interview was conducted by Rich Schmidt at Chehalem Winery on March 15, 2019.


This interview with Harry and Wynne Peterson-Nedry, of Chehalem Winery.  In the interview, Harry and Wynne Peterson-Nedry focus on their involvement in the Oregon wine industry. The interview begins with Harry alone talking about his start in the industry and how Oregon has changed since he joined. About 40 minutes into the interview, Harry is joined by his daughter, Wynne, to discuss more general information about the industry. They talk about the family winery, the future of Oregon wine, and the growing interest in wine for consumers.

This interview was conducted by Rich Schmidt and Camille Weber at Chehalem Winery on April 15, 2016.


This interview is with Harry Peterson-Nedry, the founder, winemaker, and co-manager at Chehalem Winery in Newberg, Oregon. He discusses how he got into the wine industry, sustainable practices during the entire winemaking process, and some of his early experiences.

This interview was conducted by David Baker in 2012.


This interview is with Harry Peterson-Nedry, founder, winemaker, and co-manager at Chehalem Wines in Newberg, Oregon. He talks about the early days in the industry, his role as a winemaker, and the different ways to affect the quality of a wine.

This interview was conducted by Janis Miglavs on December 4, 2007


Harry Peterson-Nedry is the founder, winemaker, and co-manager at Chehalem Winery in Newberg, Oregon. His hobby turned into a career, and he became a successful figure in the Oregon wine industry.  In this interview, Peterson-Nedry summarizes what makes the Oregon wine industry so unique. He covers the topics of climate, landscape, Oregon innovations, and more.

This interview was conducted circa 2004-2006.

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