Chehalem Winery Collection

Interview (2016)

This interview with Harry and Wynne Peterson-Nedry, focuses on their involvement in the Oregon wine industry. The video starts with just Harry talking about his start in the industry and how Oregon has changed since he joined. In the second part of the interview at 00:40:32, Harry is joined by his daughter, Wynne, to discuss more general information about the industry. They talk about the family winery, the future of Oregon wine and the growing interest for wine in consumers.

This interview took place at the family winery, Chehalem Winery, on April 15th, 2016 by Camille Weber and Rich Schmidt.

Interview (2012)

In this interview, Peterson-Nedry begins by sharing how he got into the industry and his early experiences. He talks about the significance of the camaraderie and sustainability in the industry and more.

This interview was conducted by David Baker of Three Crows Productions.

Interview (2007)

In this interview, Peterson-Nedry reflects on early days in the industry, the role of the winemaker, different variables that affect wine quality and more.

Interview (2004)

In this interview, Peterson-Nedry summarizes what makes the Oregon wine industry so unique. He covers the topics of climate, landscape, Oregon innovations, and more.

Interview Photos

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