This interview is with Alex Fullerton of Fullerton Wines. In this interview, Alex speaks about visiting Burgundy, where his interest in wine began, and getting his first job in the industry at Penner-Ash Cellars. He talks about growing in confidence and learning more about winemaking at his jobs, as well as traveling to New Zealand to get more experience.

Later, Alex shares how Fullerton Wines was created, talks about working with his friends and family, and speaks about forming their business and their tasting room. He describes their initial focus on exploring all the Willamette Valley AVAs, and goes on to talk about his hope to explore all of Oregon’s. At the end, he talks about COVID-19, current projects, what’s ahead for Fullerton Wines.

This interview was conducted by Rich Schmidt at Fullerton Wines Tasting Room in Portland on May 21, 2021.