This interview is with Jessica Cortell of Vitis Terra Vineyard Services. In this interview, Jessica answers the question “why grapes,” and talks about her extensive education at OSU that led her to her PhD and conducted research that received international recognition. She then goes on to talk about how she became a vineyard manager and starting her own consulting business, her grape growing/vineyard philosophy, as well as managing clients with different expectations by creating a relationship based on trust and knowing when to help and share knowledge. Jessica then goes on to speak about teaching at OSU and Chemeketa, her favorite time of the year, and some of the challenges she faces with her job. Towards the end of the interview, she touches on what she sees for the future of Vitis Terra, the Oregon Wine Industry, and concludes by offering words of wisdom to someone wanting to enter the industry.

This interview was conducted by Rich Schmidt at Jessica’s personal vineyard— Carlile’s Crest Vineyard on August 20, 2019.

Interview photos

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