Oregon Wine Industry Businesses

As Oregon’s wine industry has grown, the scope of its influence has become clear through businesses which cater to industry needs, including hospitality, marketing, website design, bottling, distribution, storage, photography, business consultancy, construction, architecture, accounting, legal, and many others. This collection showcases many of these businesses and helps document the growth of the Oregon wine industry and the large economic and cultural role it plays in the state.

Andrew Davis Collection (Radiant Sparkling Wine Company)
Carl Giavanti Collection (Carl Giavanti Consulting) 
David Baker Collection (American Wine Story)
Dixie Huey Collection (Trellis Growth Partners)
Erin Stephenson Collection (3rd St. Flats and the Atticus Hotel)
Hilary Berg Collection (Oregon Wine Press)
Howard Hinsdale Collection (Henny-Hinsdale Inc.)
Jeff Knapp and Kitri McGuire Collection (Visit McMinnville)
Jeff Mar Collection (Galaxy Wine Company)
Jeff Woodard Collection (Woodard Wines)
Jeremy Schubert Collection (Lunabean Media)
Jerry Bell, Jr. Collection (JBJr Productions)
Jessica Cortell Collection (Vitis Terra Vineyard Services)
Joan Drabkin Collection (Nick’s Italian Café)
John Mead and Zack Geary Collection (Cellar Ridge Construction)
Katherine Cole Collection (Oregon Wine Writer)