William “Rusty” Gaffney (Prince of Pinot) Collection

William “Rusty” Gaffney is a retired ophthalmologist turned Pinot noir connoisseur. Gaffney manages the PinotFile, an online newsletter on his “Prince of Pinot” website. His online newsletter is notably the first online wine publication solely on Pinot noir. Gaffney spends his time tasting, drinking, visiting wine regions, and sharing his knowledge of Pinot noir.

This collection contains a variety of articles from Gaffney’s blog. He shares history and current information, primarily focusing on wines and winemakers of Oregon and the Willamette Valley.


Along the Oregon Pinot Trail

David Adelsheim- A -Latecomer- Oregon Wine Pioneer

Domaine Drouhin- Burgundy-s Footprint in Oregon

Domaine Drouhin Oregon- New World-s Burgundy Presence

More Juicy 2010 Oregon Pinot Incoming

Oregon Pinot Noir- Who Planted First-

Oregon Relishes Burgundian Influence

Pinot Gris- Oregon-s Signature White Wine

Pinot Noir -Clone 95– Dick Erath Revives an Old Treasure

Pinot Noirvana in the Willamette Valley

Solving the Mystery of the -Coury Clone-

The History of Oregon Pinot Noir Clones

Umpqua Valley Oregon

Willamette Valley Epilogue