This interview is with Sam and Katy Decker of Wine + Peace. In this interview, the couple speak about their introduction to the world of wine and how their vision of Wine + Peace came to be. They talk about their journey here, starting from their Asian-Fusion restaurant in Mexico to their move to Montreal to opening Wine + Peace. They discuss their hopes for the future of their business where they can create not just a marketplace, but a community.

They describe their vision for Wine + Peace as a better way to buy wine. Buying wine, not on just region or varietal, but on values. Finding winemakers that align with your values and who are making wine ethically, thus make the world a better place. This is the role they felt the world of wine needed. For those looking to follow their footsteps and begin a business, here’s their advice: don’t just think about what would be cool; find problems that currently exist in the industry and find out what can you do to solve it.

This interview was conducted by Rich Schmidt via Zoom on January 6, 2021.