This interview is with Kathleen Willcox, wine writer. In this interview Kathleen describes growing up in Germany and tells of her interest in wine and journalism blossoming over the years. She describes starting out writing for her local newspaper, moving to New York, and later working as a freelance writer. Kathleen speaks about what drew her to wine and journalism and how it continues to interest her.

Later Kathleen describes traveling for work, becoming well-known on Instagram, and how she includes her family in her work. Kathleen describes how she developed a thicker skin, and how she takes on serious topics when they arise. She takes us through her daily life, and goes through her biggest challenges as a freelance writer.

Kathleen concludes with balancing life with twins and freelance writing. She describes her greatest strength in her career and how it has benefited her.

This interview was conducted by Rich Schmidt with Kathleen Willcox on December 23, 2020.