Beyond Oregon

Although the mission of the Oregon Wine History Archive is within the state’s borders, we do take advantage of opportunities to gather information and stories from the larger wine community. The Beyond Oregon Collection may not come from Oregon, but it speaks to the state of the wine industry and how Oregon fits into the larger picture.

Alex Gambal Collection (Maison Alex Gambal)
Allen Meadows Collection (
Becky Wasserman-Hone Collection (Becky Wasserman and Co.)
Brendan Stater-West Collection (Brendan Stater-West Wines)
Don and Pam Klase Collection (Dolio Winery)
Elaine Brown Collection (Hawk Wakawaka Wine Reviews)
Eric Asimov Collection (New York Times)
Kathleen Willcox Collection (Wine Writer)
Kathy Joseph Collection (Fiddlehead Cellars)
LM Archer Collection (Wine writer)
Marcus Johnson Collection (FLO Brands)
Rex Pickett Collection (Sideways)
Rob and Beth Crittenden Collection (Roanoke Valley Wine Company)
Roberta Manell Montero Collection (Bouchard Cooperages)
Sam and Katy Decker Collection (Wine + Peace)
Sandra Taylor Collection (Sustainable Business International)
Ted Lemon Collection (Littorai Wines)
Tim Hanni Collection (Vinotype)
Whitney Schubert Collection (Polaner Selections)