Historical Photos


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Girardet138   Redfordpicture_crop   RedfordpicturewithJanisChecchia21977_25EF_2580_25A5_crop   SokolBlosser1   SokolBlosser3   SokolBlosser4

SokolBlosser7   David__first_vines__bound_for_Willamette_Valley__1965   Devito_1058   DeVito057   DeVito058   Elton17

erath055   erath056   erath058   erath061   erath065   erath066

erath080   erath081   erath088   erath089   erath092   erath093   erath094

erath095   erath096   erath097   FormalPic4   Girardet127   1__DRL_christening_first_planting_in_Willamette_Valley__Spring__1965_   2

2_MDL_DRL_Corvallis_1_67   3   07__Diana__Fall_1966   FormalPic2   Elk Cove Historical 01   Elk Cove Historical 02

Elk Cove Historical 03   Elk Cove Historical 04   Elk Cove Historical 05   Elk Cove Historical 06   Elk Cove Historical 07   Elk Cove Historical 08 

Elk Cove Historical 09   Elk Cove Historical 10   Elk Cove Historical 11   Elk Cove Historical 12   Elk Cove Historical 13   Elk Cove Historical 14

Elk Cove Historical 15   Elk Cove Historical 16   Elk Cove Historical 17   Elk Cove Historical 18   Elk Cove Historical 19   Elk Cove Historical 20

Hinman Historical 67   Hinman Historical 66   Hinman Historical 65   Hinman Historical 64   Hinman Historical 63   Hinman Historical 62

Hinman Historical 61   Hinman Historical 60   Hinman Historical 59   Hinman Historical 58   Hinman Historical 47   Hinman Historical 46

Hinman Historical 45   Hinman Historical 44   Hinman Historical 43   Hinman Historical 42   Hinman Historical 41   Hinman Historical 40

Hinman Historical 39   Hinman Historical 38   Hinman Historical 37   Hinman Historical 36   Hinman Historical 15   Hinman Historical 14

Hinman Historical 13   Hinman Historical 12   Hinman Historical 11   Hinman Historical 10   Hinman Historical 09   Hinman Historical 08

Hinman Historical 07   Hinman Historical 06   Hinman Historical 05   Hinman Historical 04   Hinman Historical 03   Hinman Historical 02

Hinman Historical 01   Ghost Hill Cellars Historical 12   Ghost Hill Cellars Historical 11   Ghost Hill Cellars Historical 10   Ghost Hill Cellars Historical 09   Ghost Hill Cellars Historical 08

Ghost Hill Cellars Historical 07   Ghost Hill Cellars Historical 06   Ghost Hill Cellars Historical 05   Ghost Hill Cellars Historical 04   Ghost Hill Cellars Historical 03   Ghost Hill Cellars Historical 02

Ghost Hill Cellars Historical 01   L’Ecole Historical 47   L’Ecole Historical 46   L’Ecole Historical 45   L’Ecole Historical 44   L’Ecole Historical 43   L’Ecole Historical 42 

L’Ecole Historical 40   L’Ecole Historical 39   L’Ecole Historical 38   L’Ecole Historical 37   L’Ecole Historical 25   L’Ecole Historical 24   L’Ecole Historical 23  

L’Ecole Historical 22   L’Ecole Historical 20   L’Ecole Historical 19   L’Ecole Historical 18   L’Ecole Historical 16

L’Ecole Historical 14   L’Ecole Historical 13   L’Ecole Historical 11   L’Ecole Historical 10   L’Ecole Historical 09   L’Ecole Historical 07

L’Ecole Historical 06   L’Ecole Historical 04   L’Ecole Historical 03   L’Ecole Historical 02   L’Ecole Historical 01

Girardet060   Girardet059   Girardet027   Girardet022   Girardet117

Girardet112   Girardet123   Girardet056   Girardet122   Girardet057

Girardet111   Girardet073   Girardet020   Girardet019   Girardet016

Girardet015   Girardet049   Girardet012   Girardet013   1986

Girardet045   1984   1984_003   Girardet040   Girardet010

Girardet011   Girardet042   1983_008   1983_006   1983   1983_May_at_river_forks_park

1983_005   1983_004   Girardet041   Girardet009

Girardet129   Girardet001   Girardet130   Early_1980   Girardet036

Girardet003   Girardet002   Girardet004   Girardet006   Girardet007

Girardet008   Girardet009   Girardet014   Girardet017   Girardet018   Girardet021

Girardet023   Girardet025   Girardet026   Girardet028   Girardet029   Girardet030

Girardet031   Girardet032   Girardet033   Girardet034   Girardet035   Girardet038   

Girardet039   Girardet043   Girardet044   Girardet046   Girardet047   Girardet048

Girardet050   Girardet051   Girardet052   Girardet053   Girardet054

Girardet055   Girardet058   Girardet061   Girardet062   Girardet063

Girardet064   Girardet065   Girardet066   Girardet067   Girardet068   Girardet069

Girardet069   Girardet070   Girardet071   Girardet072   Girardet075

Girardet076   Girardet078   Girardet079   Girardet080   Girardet081   Girardet082

Girardet083   Girardet084   Girardet086   Girardet087   Girardet088   Girardet089

Girardet090   Girardet091   Girardet092   Girardet093   Girardet094   Girardet095

Girardet096   Girardet097   Girardet098   Girardet099 (1)   Girardet100   Girardet101

Girardet102   Girardet103   Girardet104   Girardet105   Girardet106   Girardet107

Girardet108   Girardet109   Girardet110   Girardet113   Girardet114

Girardet115   Girardet116   Girardet118   Girardet119   Girardet120

Girardet125   Girardet128   Girardet131   Girardet132   Girardet133   Girardet134

Girardet135   Girardet136   Girardet137   Girardet164

Knudsen1   Knudsen2   Knudsen3   Knudsen 4   Knudsen5   Knudsen6

Knudsen7   Knudsen8   Knudsen9   Knudsen10   Knudsen11   Knudsen12

Knudsen13   Knudsen14   Knudsen15   Knudsen17   Knudsen18   Knudsen19

Knudsen20   Knudsen21   Knudsen22   Knudsen23   Knudsen24   Knudsen25

Knudsen26   Knudsen27   Knudsen28   Knudsen29   Knudsen30   Knudsen31

Knudsen32   Knudsen33   Knudsen34   Knudsen35   Knudsen36   Knudsen37

Knudsen38   Knudsen39   Knudsen40   Knudsen41   Knudsen42

HPN and Rawlinsons5.00   Horiz_002   Stollersunderarch.4.01   1026_Cherylbellyprofile   crew reaches out 2   Jim Prosser#3.6.04   DSCF1135

DSCF1141   DSCF1129   Raymond Bernard   JimP.IPNC7.04   Cropped Draegers San Mateo Event 004   Joint_Declare_126   Joint_Declare_91

cwa_085   Tom_Eliot   Ernie DDO Picture   ernie_2   harry landuse press conf 07_16

nancy_10   kennedylab11.03   DSC_1055   Hawaii 2 DSC_1039   Tom Elliot DSC_0208

Jancis Robinson 2009 ageablility_tasting   Wynne DSC_0038   Wynne DSC_0072   OWB DSC_0208

2010 1st Expanded WVWA Board DSC_0301   DSC_0309   ORCA DSC_0411   DSC_0860   DSC_0877   DSC_0868

DSC_0865   DSC_0862   DSC_0856   Adelsheim Dave and Ginny at first harvest   P1010007   Harvey and CJFstand4.03   HPN_ipnc_2007

DSC_0847   DSC_0893   DSC_0955   DSC_0960   DSC_0023   Jimi Brooks.2004 Riesling Tasting   Riesling group   1987 Wynne and Ian 0181320-0080008CHEHALEM

HPN_01_Collins0002CHEHALEM   Harry by Mary Hinckley Oct 2007 IMG_0676   mike_chardonnay_sample0001CHEHALEM   hpn_stollers_05   RCwithBaldPeakAfterHarvest11.1.2002   hpn_harvest_20070003CHEHALEM_2   vnydcrew2.invnyd_2

ian_wynne circa 1987_2   0181320-0010001CHEHALEM_3   1985 1st RC Harvest 0181320-0070007CHEHALEM_3   DSC_0415 Current Vineyard Crew_3   0181320-0090009CHEHALEM_3   DSC_10290001CHEHALEM_3   0181320-006

0181320-003_6   0181320-001_6   1982-83 RC Ian and Judy 0181320-005_6   0181320-009_5   DSC_0931   Pioneers photo

BryceandMarcia   MARIA (1)   Adelsheim Dave and Ginny at first harvest_1   Annie.Raptor Ridge6.04_1   JoshandCarolineBergstrom7.04_1   great_orca_group   Bill_1   1985 1st RC Harvest CHEHALEM042202_harry_color

0181320-004   Cheryl.Basil.filter7.02   Kelly#2.8.02   Molly DSC_0684   MitiChadDSC_0243   Chad   JuanDSC_0644

md smilin in fermentor   hpn_stollers_05001   Bill_and_Cathy (1)   mike_thumbs_up   Brian harvest 2006 024   Cherl   Bill

Wynne and Katie DSC_0798   Harry w micro9121294495_ac14cfd9b0_o   Gary8   wynneharryburgundyDSC_0074   hpnattastingDSCF1152   P1010017

CRW_7862_JFR   CRW_7805_JFR   00000002   00000003   00000005   00000009   00000010

00000012   00000013   00000015   00000016   0181320-003   0181320-007_5   IPNCPANELDISTANT   DSC_0836

DSC_0887   DSC_0926   DSC_0933   DSC_0014   dberkley2   dberkley1_1   Hatcher and Kaplan Fishing

JoshandCarolineBergstrom7.04   McLeroy   Nancy.RedHills6.04   PeterRosback_1   Steve Girard_edited   Shull-owb copy   Wedding.news7.00   mv.stinnocent

P1010018   Horiz_004   zane mulhausen with wine   puck.barrels   even more tasting

2015-01-06 22.33.10   2015-01-06 22.34.40   2015-01-06 22.33.54   2015-01-07 00.16.52   2015-01-07 00.17.38

2015-01-07 00.18.46   2015-01-07 00.19.26   2015-01-07 00.20.44    2000 cjfwedding jimi and david bergenjimicropped

Riesling group 2   DSC_0413   IPNC 99 cameron4   AVAsteeringcommittee2002   Alamo2   Barge1

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