This collection features edited videos of guest lectures for the Fundamentals of Wine course taught at Linfield College. Given Linfield College’s location in the heart of Oregon wine country, Linfield is able to access some of the most prominent experts in the field as a resource for the class.

Lectures from 2021

The Willamette Valley and PGI Status | Harry Peterson-Nedry

Lectures from 2020

Microbial Terroir: A Sense of Place for Microbes in the Vineyard | Jeremy Weisz
Vintage Report 2019 | Gregory Jones et al.

Lectures from  2019

Vintage Report 2018 | Gregory Jones et al.
A Conversation with Steven SPurrier | David Millman
Lecture & Wine Tasting Masterclass | Marcus Johnson

Lectures from  2018

Vintage Report 2017 | Gregory Jones et al.
Panel Discussion of Red, White & Black | Bertony Faustin, Jerry Bell Jr., et al.

Lectures from  2017

The Current State of International Marketing | Alex Gambal
History of the Vineyard | Ken Wright and Jim Gullo
Disrupting the Wine Status Quo: What Do We Really Know about Consumers, Wine History and Enjoying Wine with Food? | Tim Hanni

Lectures from 2016

Managing Expectations: The Microbiome in Agriculture | Jack Gilbert
Northwest Wineries Mergers and Acquisitions: An Industry in Transition | Erik McLaughlin
What I’ve Learned in 50 Years of Viticulture | Richard Smart
Timely Trunk Renewal | Richard Smart
What Is New with Canopy Management? | Richard Smart

Lectures from 2015

Bringing Burgundy to the Willamette Valley | David Adelsheim
Terroir, Vintage & the Importance of Data | David Beck
Sustainability and Family in Oregon Wine | Susan Sokol Blosser
The Business of Wine | Ellen Brittan
The Science of Wine Tasting | Robert Brittan
Harvesting & Processing Oregon Pinot | Anthony King
Marketing the Oregon Wine Experience | Jeremy Schubert
Biodynamics & Winemaking | Doug Tunnell
Susan Sokol Blosser | Susan Sokol Blosser

Lectures from 2013

Climate, Grapes, and Wine | Gregory Jones
Unraveling the Mystique of Terroir | Gregory Jones
Questions for the Wine Writer | Doug Tunnell & Katherine Cole

Lectures from 2011

25th Anniversary IPNC Documentary | Michael Huntsberger, Nic Miles, Paloma Dale

Lectures from 2010

The Early Years of Oregon Wine | Jeff Peterson
Sustainability and the Early Years of Oregon Wine | Jeff Peterson
Oregon Land Use Planning: Saving the Hills for the Vines | Jeff Peterson
Oregon Wine: The Early Community | Jeff Peterson